Soft Magnetic Part

soft magnetic component, soft magnetic composite, soft magnetic core


 sintered metal powder :
 FY-4500-20W / Sint D35 ; stainless steel 434 ;
 FF-0000-23W ; PASC60 / Sint D35
Somaloy 700 3P, Somaloy 1000 3P, Somaloy 1000 5P

 automobile ABS systems, satellite measuring instrument, motor, positioning technology, Compact electrical motors, Pulse transformers, Ignition systems, Fast switching actuators, Inductive components, Sensors

Rainbow Ming’s soft magnetic parts are the mechanical components made of soft magnetic composites (SMCs) for electromagnetic applications, such as rotors, electric motors, ignition systems, etc. The soft magnetic part is typically made using powder metallurgy. The metal powder particle is ferromagnetic and insulated with a film. Using SMCs to construct a component comes with several advantages. For example, it improves the magnetic performance of the part and the part consumes less energy during operation. Below are the metal powder materials we use for soft magnetic parts and their applications.

Easier handling & assembly
More compact design
Reduced weight
Reduced noise
3D geometry & flux path
Efficient component production
Tight tolerances
Unique magnetic properties
Efficient component production