Sintered Metal Filter

Sintered Metal Filter

Sintered metal filter is used in filtering liquid or air of motorbike, food industry machinery, gas instrumentation , Flow Restrictors , Oil Burners, Polymer Industry Filter and gas measuring devices.

Stainless steel 316 / sintered bronze


0.063~0.090, 0.090~0.125,
0.125~0.180, 0.180~0.255,
0.255~0.350, 0.350~0.500,
0.500~0.850, 0.850~1.200

Pore Size - (µm)
2 , 5 ,10 , 20 , 40 , 70 , 100 , 150

food industry
gas instrumentation
Flow Restrictors
Oil Burners
Polymer Industry Filters
gas measuring devices

The filter is used to remove unwanted substances from a liquid or a gas. It works by simply capturing the particles and letting the liquid pass through. Filters can be made from a variety of materials for specific applications. Rainbow Ming’s sintered metal filter is made of metal powders. By using different powders, particular qualities can be improved, such as permeability, pliability, density, pore size, capacity, etc. The application of our sintered metal filter includes motorbike, food industry, machinery, gas instrumentation, flow restrictor, oil burner, polymer industry, gas measuring device, to just name a few.