Powdered Metal

Powdered Metal

We provide the powdered metal parts with reasonable price and best quality for our oustomers.

The fabrication of the exquisite powdered metal parts with miniature tolerance requires outstanding techniques and capability of manufacturers to qualify the strict standard of toughness and precision. These metal parts often appear in our daily life applications, such as automotive/motor parts, actuator parts, lock systems, compressor parts, sewing machine parts, and even medical equipment parts. In the future, these tiny powdered metallurgy techniques help to support trends toward lighter, smaller, and more devices and machinery. 

Rainbow Ming has always maintained an enthusiasm for offering high-quality precision products to our customers, specialized in manufacturing a variety of powdered metal parts, such as
powder metallurgy parts, sintered parts, sintered oil-bearingsoft magnetic material, and metal injection molding parts. Nowadays, relying on our professional capabilities over 45+ years of experience, we have produced more than 37 types of functional, self-lubricating, and economic products. We also provide manufacturing the extraordinarily complex, high-dimensional accuracy parts for various industries' need.

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Sintered Part
Sintered Gear
Stainless Steel Sintered Part
Soft Magnetic Materials Sintered Part
Oil Impregnation Bearing
Filter Part
Actuator parts