Sintered Helical Gear

Sintered Helical Gear

Helical spur gear (gear, sintered gear) are usually used in the transmission system of automobile, motorbike, industrial machinery, power tool and actuator.

Helical spur gear Material

 sintered metal powder :
 FD-0205 / Sint D39 ; FD-0405/ Sint D30
 FD-0200 / Sint D30 with heat treatment.
 FL-5305 / CrM sintered hardened material


 power tool, actuator, industrial machinery

A standard spur gear has straight teeth that are parallel to the gear’s axial axis. On the other hand, the helical gear, as the name suggests, has teeth that are inclined to a certain degree. Such a design allows a larger contact ratio for the gears and is ,therefore, able to transmit greater forces. The other advantage is the quietness during operation. The use of gears with a helical design is prevalent in industries such as automotive, power tools, engineering, and more. Rainbow Ming’s sintered helical gears bear impacts effectively and give a smooth and quiet operation to your equipment.