Power Tool Gear

Power Tool Gear

Internal spur gear, spur gear, helical gear (gear, sintered gear) are usually used in the transmission system of automobile, motorbike, industrial machinery, power tool and actuator.


 sintered metal powder :
 FD-0205 / Sint D39 ;
 FD-0200 / Sint D30 with heat treatment.
 FL-5305 / CrM


 power tool, industrial machinery

Internal spur gears come in a ring structure with straight teeth created on the inner diameter of it. (See the image on the left) This type of gear is common in the transmission system of a car, a motorcycle, or most motor vehicles. For example, the internal spur gear is a necessary part of a planetary gearbox where multiple spur gears work within the internal ring gear. When operating, the internal gear itself does not rotate. Instead, the gears within the ring revolve around a drive shaft to transmit torque. Besides vehicles, the internal spur gear is also used in industrial machinery and some power tools.