Rainbow Ming was established in January 1975 located in Miaoli, Taiwan.  We are one of the leading manufacturer of powder metallurgy part (component).  We started with our business on oil impregnated bearings. Years later, we made great achievements in the production of sewing machine parts and praised by customers. With the changes of the lifestyle and industry, we committed in different material and production technology for accomplishing the various demand of the different industries. Furthermore, our products are widely used in home appliances, automobiles, motorbikes, lock systems, medical equipment, power tools, industrial machines, and even robots, ships, road alignment equipment, optical equipment and many other industries contributing to the realization of human dreams of life.

We distribute our products to the customers in Taiwan, and export the products to the customer mostly in Europe and also in China, America, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia and many other countries. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to extensive researches and developments of Powder Metallurgy, so as to present the everlasting excellent products and service to our customers.

Main product:

  • Powder metallurgy product
  • sintered oil impregnation bearing
  • sintered machinery components
  • other sintered components please refer to the page of products

Management Philosophy:

  • Excellent quality
  • Competitive prices
  • On-time delivery
  • Best customer services

We make your idea come true –

When obtaining the customer's drawings, we actively conduct feasibility assessments and appropriately provide effective suggestions to our customers based on our experience, thereby reducing manufacturing costs and increasing the probability of mass production.  That strives to make our customers' ideas become reality.

Quality Policy -“Process Concentration” , “Quality Attention”, “Customer Reassurance”