Industrial Machinery Component

With technology progress and the competitive landscape strengthening, the industrial machinery and components (IMC) are changing rapidly. They are faced with challenges such as a high level of automation and the capacity to manufacture high-end products within less time. The production process usually involves complex bills of materials to practice high-efficiency manufacturing and meet safety standards.

RAINBOW MING is committed to providing various industrial machinery components, including sintered gear, sintered bearing, transmission components, sintered bronze bushing, toothed belt pulley, Soft magnetic components, etc. By the sintering process/metal powder process, high-precision manufacturing products feature versatility, self-lubrication, economy, high dimensional accuracy, and high strength. We continue to produce high-quality products that meet customer needs to help companies in this industry save production and supply chain management costs.

We provide our customers with reasonable prices and the best quality products. Please contact us to get our service and technical consultation.