Automobile & Motorbike Component Series

Automotive manufacturing becomes the largest market of the powder metallurgy industry in recent years. Nearly 50% of automobile/motorbike parts and transmission components are made by powder metallurgy, such as sprocket wheels, soft and hard magnetic components in instruments, oil pump rotor parts, transmission gears, and shafts, etc. With greater capability and flexibility in manufacturing, powder metallurgy can be engaged in some precision and complex parts that cannot be manufactured by traditional casting and processing techniques. In the future, more and more powdered metal transmission components will be adopted by the automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry to reduce the weight of vehicles and achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction. 

Rainbow Ming has more than 45 years of experience specialized in powder metallurgy for supplying the most professional manufacturing solution of automobile/motorbike transmission components, including
sintered parts (helical bevel gears, internal spur gears, metal spur gears), sintered bronze bushing (sintered bearing, sintered bronze bearing), soft magnetic components, oil pump rotors, etc. All of the products are the following features of versatility, self-lubrication, and meet the economic benefit. In addition, the extremely large size or high-precision products are available to be manufactured.

We provide our customers with reasonable prices and the best quality products. 
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